Ground and Floor


Susanne von Bülow & Ruppe Koselleck (Münster)

Ground and Floor
Prints of square meter land values made by a road roller
Action and Exhibition, 2014

The way public land is officially valued will be illustrated on 300g homemade paper using a road roller, felt, blankets, pigments and the dirt from the road. Suprising price differences as well as the characteristics of the ground we tread daily will be visible on the embossed prints.

On 25th October both speculative and real value structures of Berlin’s relative periphery will be investigated along the U5 Line between Hellersdorf and Kaulsdorf-Nord.

The location determines the value, not the artist. The prints’ value is based on Berlin’s official land price index.

25th Oct.: Performance in public space

11h Hellersdorfer Str. / Stendaler Str. (Metro station Hellersdorf)

12.30h Hellersdorfer Str. / Cottbusser Platz (Metro station Cottbusser Platz)

15h Hellersdorfer Str. / Feldberger Ring (Metro station Neue Grottkauer Str.)

17h Hellersdorfer Str. / Spree Center (Metro station Kaulsdorf-Nord)

30. Oct. – 06. Dez.: Presentation in the Station urbaner Kulturen

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