Call for Submissions


International open art competition
“What is outside?”
for site-specific art works in and around Berlin Underground stations on the U5 line between Tierpark and Hönow.



The call for submissions to the international open art competition „What is outside?“ is part of the long-standing nGbK project „Art in the Underground“. The call aims to realise site-specific art works in and around Berlin Underground stations on the U5 line. The work should consider questions of social urban development, city-wide contexts and themes of „What is outside?”.


Berlin is a magnet for people and investment. Population is expanding, real estate value is rising, residents are being displaced. Higher rents, evictions or changes in social surroundings caused by tourism are forcing more and more Berliners to the „outside“,
to the periphery of the city and of society. Protests against this gentrification and demands for new social housing dominate public perception.


The U5 Underground line runs above ground from Hönow, just outside Berlin in Brandenburg, through the East German housing estates built between 1977 und 1990 in Hellersdorf, past the future location of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) in Wuhletal and through the single family homes of Biesdorf. The high rise estates are owned by local housing cooperatives and by national and international real estate companies.

The line continues underground through Lichtenberg and Friedrichshain, districts affected by the processes of upgrading and displacment (new high class homes to buy, tourism etc), then below Karl-Marx-Allee to the city’s eastern centre at Alexanderplatz. An extension of the line called „Chancellor’s Underground“ is currently under construction and will continue under Unter den Linden to Bundestag, the political heart of the so-called Berlin Republic, and to the Main Railway Station.

Project proposals

The projects should take a station between Tierpark and Hönow as a starting-point, be presented there and relate to that station’s surroundings. The competition organisor recommends the stations at Hellersdorf, Cottbusser Platz, Neue Grottkauer Straße and Kaulsdorf-Nord.

The work should consider questions of social urban development, city-wide contetxts and themes of „What is outside?”. The competition organisor welcomes diverse formats ranging from singular, installational to interventional and participatory work, from individual artists to groups, from short to long stays on site, from reacting to specific moments to developing relationships with places and people.

Project Base and the „Art in the Underground“ group

The nGbK „Art in the Underground“ project group is responsible for the realisation of the art works. The group will run a Project Base near the Underground station Kaulsdorf-Nord in Hellersdorf. All submitted proposals will be exhibited here. This base can be used by the selected artists as an office and production space. The group plans to contextualise and discuss the selected work with neighbours, residents and the Berlin art public here.

Group tour around locations and info meeting

Group tour around locations and info meeting, Kaulsdorf-Nord 01.06.2014 at 3 p.m. at Project Base, Cecilienplatz 5, 12619 Berlin


Queries may be submitted up to 15.06.2014 solely in writing – by e-mail to

Submission of works

Submissions can be:
– submitted in person: on 27.06.2014 between 1 pm and 4 pm in the Project Base, Cecilienplatz 5, 12619 Berlin
(near Kaulsdorf-Nord station)
– sent by e-mail to: (PDF with Participant’s Declaration Form and PDF with submission idea separately!)
– sent by post: nGbK, Reference “Kunst im Untergrund”, Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin, Germany (no customs, postage or delivery costs accepted by recipient).
The last date of receipt at the nGbK office is 27.06.2014 (receipt NOT date posted)

Call for Submissions


Competition organiser: neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst e.V.
Berlin, April 2014


Appendice 1: Form / submitter’s declaration



Check list
Please check that you submit all of the following:
– Visual representation of the idea and concept
– Written explanation (max. two DIN A 4 pages)
– Cost estimate
– Time schedule
– documentation of relevant previous work
– Submitter’s declaration form (see Appendice 1 “Submitters_declaration_form.pdf”)
– Index of submitted material
Please remember to mark all submitted material with a identification code


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