> Can the realisation of projects take part outside of the stations?

A part, preferably the largest, should be located in the area of the U5 line.


> How much is the artist’s fee?

Artist’s fees vary depending on the amount of work involved, for example time spent on site.


> How long will work be presentation for?

The length of presentations will vary, depending on their format and concept. There are no fixed lengths.


> Should transport costs have to be included in the budget calculations or are there sponsors for certain costs?

All costs should be included in the budget calculations. At this stage, sponsorship should not be included.


> Can the Project Base be used for presentations?

Yes, that is one of its main functions. However, work should also be presented in the area of the U5 line.


> How soon can projects begin in 2015?

The realisation of “What is outside?” in 2015 depends on whether Berlin Council decides to continue its financial support. Their decision will be made around April 2015, with the realisation of selected artworks only possible thereafter.


> How should projects be structured that are to be realised over two years (2014/15)?

The projects should consist of two parts that are capable of being realised independantly of one another, one part for 2014, the other for 2015. Generally, submissions conceived over two year are possible and welcomed.


> How do I guarantee anonymity?

Submissions must consist of two parts: the submitter’s form and the description of the idea. Both should carry an identification number invented by the submitter. The description of the idea must be anonymous. The submitter’s form and the description of the idea will be seperated before the selection proceedure.


> Do we have to arrange our own permission permits?

No, we will support the obtaining of permission permits.


> Is the DIN A2 format only for a rendition of the idea or can it contain short information about the concept too?

The A2 format can be used however you choose. It is the maximum size. We’d be happy to receive smaller formats, like a drawing, a text or similar.


> Will the selected projects take place together during a certain time after joint consultation?

Yes, we will set the selected projects in a specific time frame in order to create an interesting sequence of realisations or parallels. All dates and time frames will be set in consultation with the artists.


> What are the ownership rights of realised works?

The nGbK will not retain ownership rights for works that exist after their presentation. The works can certainly be kept by the artists, not including technical equipment. This issue will be discussed indivually.