New Hell City

Roland Boden (Berlin)

New Hell City
Campaign in public space, 2014/2015

New Hell City is concerned with the life of the Berlin local history researcher and geographer Dr. Emil Ranzenbiehler and his geological discoveries in the area of today’s Borough of Hellersdorf.

Ranzenbiehler suspected the existence of considerable amounts of raw material in the North East of Berlin as early as in the 1920s and proved so through small drillings. According to his findings, a rich offshoot of the Lausitzer Fault’s well known Spremberger copper ore deposit stretches to beneath today’s Hellersdorf, enriched with considerable amounts of pitch blende which can be used for the production of uranium. Additionally, large quantities of natural gas bound in slate rock can be found.

Based on these excellent macro-economical perspectives, a concept named New Hell City_Smart Mining for Prosperity and Work is now being developed to revitalise this urban area. A central component of this concept is the development of an urban marketing campaign, because not everyone will want to, or be able to, see the evident advantages. Flyers, printed matter, posters and a presentation in the project space will show the perspectives for the urban area.

DSC07215_Signet Kopie

Talk on 24.04.2015

Presentations in the station urbaner kulturen and in the Underground Station U5 Kaulsdorf-Nord.

Opening on 28.03.2015