Teletreff U5 and Jugend auf – Sendung

Ulrike Gärtner & Carsten Ludwig (Dresden)

Teletreff U5 (2014) and Jugend auf – Sendung (2015)
Short Film and Multimedia performances with young people

Teletreff U5 and Jugend auf – Sendung (transl. Youth on – Air) is interested in young people’s local experiences, behaviour and habits in the physical and social topography along the U5 line between Tierpark and Hönow. These will be discussed and playfully exposed in initial workshops.

During a second phase, young people will investigate how much their experiences today differ from, or connect to, former East German utopias. Accordingly, the relevance for today’s society of two famous former residents will be considered: Heiner Müller, the social breakdown playwright, and Professor Heinrich Dathe, the behaviourist, founder of East Berlin’s Zoo and maker of one of East Germanys most popular animal TV-programms over decades.

A short film in 2014 and live performances in 2015 in the style of matinees / entertainment / potpourri and TV-programm will be realised in Tierpark Underground station outside the zoo.


»Jugend auf – Sendung (Teletreff U5)«
Ulrike Gärtner & Carsten Ludwig

Opening on Thursday, 15. Oct. 2015
from 18:00 until 20:00 h

in the station urbaner kulturen

From 16. Oct. until 28. Nov. 2015 in the station urbaner kulturen



“Jugend auf – Sendung”

 am Samstag, 06. Juni 2015 at 12h and at 14:00 h
in the metro station Tierpark (U5)


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