Roland Boden (*1962, Dresden). Lives and works in Berlin. Exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Investigations into wastelands, political ornamentation and structural devastation. Occasionally undertakes fictional research.

Susanne von Bülow, coming soon!

Andreas Maria Fohr was born in Freiburg and lives in Paris. He studied at ESAD Strasbourg and the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and was awarded a scholarship at the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques Paris in 1996. Since 2011 he has been Professor for film and the moving image at the National Art Academy ENSA Bourges. His works articulate cinematic as well as other potentialities.

Ulrike Gärtner, born 1961 in Dresden. Freelance since 1988. Practicing artist since 1994. Numerous exhibitions and projects, prizes and scholarships. Conceptuel work, installations, art in architecture and public art.

Christina M. Heinen has a PhD in ethnomusicology, is a urban researcher, freelance author and artist. She writes and produces audio plays, works in a variety of musical projects and regularly exhibits her drawings.

Ruppe Koselleck, coming soon!

Mari Keski-Korsu is a transdisciplinary artist. She explores ecological and socio-economical changes in people’s everyday lives. The starting point of the work is often in a specific environments and people’s relations to it as well as collaborations with various communities and individuals. She is interested in relations between art, activism, politics and science. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and in several other countries around the world.

Carsten Ludwig lives and works in Dresden. Stage direction for amongst others Dresdner Musikfestspiele / Hebeltheater Berlin / Kleine Szene der Semperoper / Staatsschauspiel Dresden (amongst others „Die Massnahme“) / Schauspielhaus Vienna / Vienna Festwochen / Berlin alternative theater festival ”reich und berühmt”/ work with „handicapped“ actors at Thikwa Berlin / stagings of novels after V. Sorokin (representative of „Soz-Art“): “Der Obelisk“, „Die Schlange“ and „Ein Monat in Dachau“ / „Das Schubertecho“ after „Die Winterreise“ in Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden (with amateurs and actors).

Members of the project group „Hellersdorfer Illustrierte“ are Christian Hanussek (artist and curator), Anne Huffschmid (cultural studies and author), Stephan Lanz (urban researcher and curator), Oliver Pohlisch (cultural studies and journalist), Katja Reichard (artist and operates bookshop „pro qm“), Kathrin Wildner (urban ethnologist and curator). The project group works at the intersection of art, science and politics, combining approaches towards research and knowledge production, cultural and curatorial practice as well as political interventions. Their aim is to the public thematisation and politicization of urban concerns, everyday worlds and conflicts.

Petra Spielhagen Berlin, studied Visual Arts and Stage Design at Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee. She has exhibited at: Festival der Regionen Linz, Austria; nGbK Berlin; in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Marseille, France;  Kunstraum Kreuzberg Berlin. She has won several grants and prizes.

Mirko Winkel was born in East Germany and lives in Berlin. He studied fine arts with Marina Abramovic and Christoph Schlingensief and completed his master degree at the University of Arts in Berlin in Solo/Dance/Authorship. His research-based work is transformed into performances, videos, speeches, dramas, spatial concepts, texts, ideas and suggestions for improvements. He has been teaching at the Institute of Performative Arts and Education at Braunschweig University of Art since 2011. In Hellersdorf he is collaborating with the Swiss choreographer Martin Schick.

Ina Wudtke (1968) is a Berlin based artist, she works with artistic, musical and curatorial techniques. Her work involves issues of gender, identity, work, sound, housing and the city. She is taking part in numerous exhibition projects internationally.