Travelling E


Andreas Maria Fohr (Paris)

Travelling E – a camera trip
Film, 2014/2015

Starting point for the 30-minute film Travelling E is the urban space as living and mental space. Not as a description of the urban space from an external point of view, but as an attempt to fill it from the inside and create new perspectives through open and free associations. Documentary video and audio recordings along the U5 line will be confronted by visual material from other sources, contexts and systems. By means of collage and montage the film will investigate its own potentiality to adress the questions it raises.

The film’s concern is neither to solve urban and/ or social problems, nor to impose a sociological claim of any kind, but to rethink forms through new associations and combinations. Not to tackle the issues head-on, but to question them on apparent detours or to open them towards new directions.


13 – 19 Dezember 2015

»Travelling E«

 Clips on the Underground trains’ in- carriage Info-TV screens




ANDREAS MARIA FOHR, work in progress, interview situation, December 2014


»Travelling E (Exile)«
by Andreas Maria Fohr

Samstag, 9 Mai 2015, 18h, 19h und 20h
Abfertigungshaus U-Bhf. Biesdorf-Süd (Bahnsteig U5)


Film-Matinée und Gespräch mit Andreas Maria Fohr
Sonntag, 10 Mai 2015, 12.30h
Kino-Kiste, U-Bhf. Hellersdorf (Heidenauer Straße 10)


Film-Screening Innenstadt
Donnerstag, 23 Juli 2015, 19h
Kino Krokodil, Greifenhagener Str. 32 (S+U-Bhf. Schönhauser Allee)


Film-Screening Open Air
Sonntag, 26 Juli 2015, 21:30h
Bolzplatz hinter der Sporthalle, Carola-Neher-Str. 51 (U-Bhf. Cottbusser Platz)